A Healthy History

CimCim, also known as sesame (sesame) in the Western world – is an ancient spice known for its enduring strength and distinctive flavor. It’s been known across Europe and the Middle East as a healthy and robust source of sustenance for thousands of years. CimCim is a key ingredient in preparing many of our specialty dishes.

Our Kitchen

The CimCim kitchen offers you the opportunity to experience wholesome, fresh & zesty flavors of the Mediterranean region. Known as a melting pot for many different cultures, this style of cuisine features specially prepared and marinated cuts of grilled meat and vegetables, traditional Mediterranean flavors, and regional breads baked a-la-minute.

Our Twist

We’ve taken these classics since 1986 and added a modern NYC twist. The result is a menu that’s health-conscious, made from the finest ingredients and prepared with a sense of simple pride. From vegetarian (and even vegan!) dishes to perfectly-seasoned meats; we chop, toss, roast, and grill every meal in-house and made to order.